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All confirmed bookings made with Xplore! Science and Xplore! Nature (trading names of North Wales Science Ltd) are bound by the following terms and conditions, irrespective of whether they are for an educational activity (funded or charged for) or other group booking. Bookings are confirmed upon receipt of a booking confirmation sent by email and are deemed as being accepted by the organiser unless we hear from you within 1 working day.
Please read the following paragraphs carefully.
If you wish to cancel your booking 4 weeks or more in advance of your scheduled date, there will be no cancellation charge.
If you wish to cancel your booking between 2 and 4 weeks in advance of your scheduled date, then a cancellation charge of 50% of the full charge will apply.
If you wish to cancel less than 2 weeks in advance of your scheduled date the full charge will apply.
Please refer to your booking confirmation for the full charge for your booking, before any subsidy, discount or project funding is applied.
These charges are applied because it is extremely difficult for Xplore! to obtain another booking at such short notice, and to cover the cost of any resources and staffing Xplore! will have allocated for the event.
If you wish to change the date of your booking, it must be done with at least 4 weeks’ notice, otherwise the above cancellation fees will apply. A booking can be rescheduled a maximum of two times; any further rescheduling will be subject to the full charge of the initial booking, plus the cost of the new booking.
Failure to attend
If you have a confirmed booking with Xplore! Science or Xplore! Nature and do not attend on the agreed date and time, then the full charge of the booking will apply.
The cancellation fee will not apply if Xplore! deems any of the following situations to have caused or contributed to the cancellation of your booking:
  1. Exceptional circumstances where Xplore! is no longer able to fulfil the booking as agreed.
  2. Adverse weather conditions (this is applied at the discretion of the bookings and admin coordinator)
  3. Other unforeseen circumstances (this is applied at the discretion of the bookings and admin coordinator)
Xplore! Science Membership
Xplore! Science memberships (annual passes) are valid for general admission only and cannot be used for admission for school bookings, group bookings, scout/guide bookings, birthday party bookings, Xplore! Nature bookings or for special events.
Last Minute Booking Alterations
If for any reason your group is late arriving, or needs to leave earlier than agreed, your booked activities may need to be shortened, or cancelled. Please discuss this with staff at the earliest possible opportunity.
Xplore! will deliver the booking as detailed in your booking confirmation. Amendments to times, location, activities etc. are subject to staff and resource availability and must be agreed with the Bookings and Admin Coordinator. Please note changes could incur additional costs.
Xplore! Staff are not responsible for the behaviour or supervision of groups of any size. Please ensure appropriate levels of adult supervision is provided for all groups. This should be at least one adult per class or group and Xplore! staff should not be included in any adult: child ratios. Xplore! Staff will not continue an activity where appropriate supervision is not provided, or the behaviour of participants cannot be controlled.
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