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Xplore! is the premier Science Discovery Centre in North Wales attracting families,  tourists, community groups, and school groups of all ages. 

Xplore! is a visitor attraction and educational charity in the heart of Wrexham.  As a subsidiary company to Wrexham University we exist to see the local and regional communities actively engaged with and passionate about science, enriching the lives of over 70,000 visitors every year. 

Our Purpose  

To be a home for science. To be working with communities, building trust, sparking curiosity, and raising aspirations. Engaging and inspiring communities to continue their learning journey beyond Xplore! 

Our Vision 

To see the local and regional communities actively engaged with and passionate about science. 

Our Mission 

We communicate and share science in exciting and innovative ways with everyone regardless of age, ability, or background. 

Our Values 

  • Supportive – a close-knit work family that celebrates each-others’ successes. 
  • Learner-focussed – passing on knowledge and sharing best practices; acting as a bridge between society and scientists. 
  • Inclusive – of others by appreciating and encouraging diversity within the workplace as well as actively engaging hard to reach communities. 
  • Passionate – about our planet; actively working towards creating an environmentally sustainable centre. 
  • Proud – of our Welsh culture and of our charitable aims and objectives 

For more information about our governance see here

Key priorities

We will spark curiosity, creating ‘wow’ moments through our interactive experiences. We will foster an environment where every opinion counts.
We will build trust by listening to and acting upon feedback. We will work with honesty and integrity to provide accurate scientific information and a high-quality product.
We will inspire and engage our staff celebrating and sharing our achievements
We will be innovative in our collaborations with partners, colleagues and communities.
We will future-proof Xplore!, seeking to secure the financial sustainability of the charity for generations to come.
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