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  1. This policy has been prepared to ensure that all who work for or who engage with North Wales Science (NWS) have confidence in the confidentiality of personal, sensitive, and confidential information.
  2. The policy is in addition to the generic privacy notice, privacy impact assessment policy and freedom of information policy in place from Wrexham University, which NWS follows as a subsidiary organisation.
  3. Staff is used throughout the document as a generic term to encompass contracted, casual and sub-contracted workers employed by NWS.


  1. Parents/carers have access to all files and records about their own children and arrangements can be made to share this information with them in private.
  2. Confidential information about a child is only shared with other agencies by senior NWS staff who have the authority to do so. In these circumstances, consent from the parent/carer is obtained (except where this might put the child at risk).
  3. Records of concerns and information relating to children’s safeguarding is kept confidential in-line with the Safeguarding Policy.
  4. Planning will consider the additional learning needs of children, with information only shared in-line with those who need it in accordance with the Additional Learning Needs Policy.
  5. Written consent will be obtained from parents/carers before using cameras or video recording equipment with their children.


  1. Information relating to the employment of staff and recruitment of volunteers, remains confidential to the NWS and WU staff directly involved with making personnel decisions.
  2. All staff and volunteers have responsibility for their own training files and can access their personnel file on request.
  3. Senior leaders, staff, volunteers, and visitors are directed to only discuss concerns about individual staff and volunteers with their line manager (or that person’s line manager).
  4. All staff and volunteers are expected to sign that they have read, accepted, and will implement the confidentially policy at their induction.
  5. All documents, forms and electronic data containing personal information is held securely in line with current legislation and in accordance with the Wrexham Glyndwr University Data Protection and Data Disposal Policy.
  6. The Wrexham University Data Protection and Data Disposal Policy also outlines the procedure for the proper and responsible disposal of confidential information, and follows statutory regulations regarding the period of storing information.
  7. Any breach of confidentiality at NWS is taken seriously. The Wrexham University procedure will be followed and any deliberate breach of confidentially will be considered as gross misconduct that can lead to disciplinary action and dismissal.
  8. Wrexham University Information Services department is to be used to ensure that any computer of electronic device holding personal data is wiped before passing it to a third party.
  9. Wrexham University will ensure that any computer or electronic device that has a shared use has a system of password protection as a minimum level of security for any stored personal information and NWS staff are responsible for ensuring this remains in place.
  10. Secure and encrypted data storage is to be used.
  11. Staff are responsible for locking computers and electronic devices when leaving them, as well as being mindful of who else can see their screen when accessing confidential information.
  12. Staff and volunteers are made aware of confidentiality when using social networking sites and no information about NWS, its staff, volunteers, visitors etc. shall be discussed or divulged.
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