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Xplore! is an educational charity where 100% of all funds go straight back into the business to meet our charitable aims and objectives.

In 2019 we engaged with 80,000 people. That’s 80,000 who might pursue a career in science, or who might become a doctor or an engineer.

A future without people in these professions is frightening which is why we make it our job to inspire them.

With your donation today, we can inspire more people than ever before.

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Corporate Partnerships and Membership

A charitable partnership with Xplore! will create incredible impact for your business whether that’s part of your marketing mix or whether it’s helping you to achieve your CSR objectives.

Current Partners

Thanks to the following companies who are currently sponsoring Xplore!

Hire our spaces

If you’re looking to take some time out to re-strategise or simply to re-connect with your staff, then look no further as our informal space is large enough to be both safe and fun!


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