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The partnership, which began in 2019, has allowed Principality and Xplore! to create a fun and interactive workshop for primary aged children to increase their confidence with money. The activities have enabled 2000 children to enjoy the session so far, with the recent sponsorship enabling a further 750 children to enjoy the session between September and December 2022.

Xplore! has created a carousel of activities that includes a role play activity that allows the young people to ‘work’ as cashiers by taking the money, inputting the amounts, and then putting it into a safe. The young people are also able to act as costumers by totalling their money, entering the amounts on their paying in slips and asking the cashier to put their money into their account. This role play has proved to be one of the most popular parts of the activity.

Other activities include a simple coin bingo game encouraging children to identify the right coin, whilst another teaches children how they can earn extra pocket money by helping around the house.

James Harper, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager at Principality Building society said, “We’re delighted to be continuing our support of the team at Xplore in Wrexham. It’s great to be working on such a fun project for children which encourages teamwork and provides such important skills for their development.”

Katie Williams, Business Development Officer at Xplore! said “The workshop was originally designed for learners in years 1 and 2, but following the pandemic we have now let teachers choose which year we deliver to. With children spending less time in shops handling cash, we’ve have noticed that children aren’t as familiar with coins and notes as children who did the same activities prior to the pandemic.

“Being able to support children’s learning through the Saving School workshop is fantastic and only achievable through the kind support and sponsorship of Principality Building Society”

As part of the partnership Xplore! is holding several members days in November where customers of Principality Building Society are able to come to Xplore! at a discounted rate and will have the opportunity for their children to take part in the Saving School activities. Contact for more information.

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