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Two local schools received a free science workshop with thanks to Ipsen Biopharm Ltd during British Science Week. This year’s theme celebrates ‘connections’, and what better way than to connect school children with a huge local employer at their local science centre.

Staff at Ipsen were asked to suggest schools that they’d like to benefit from the trip, with the 2 lucky classes visiting Xplore! last Tuesday. The children spent time with Xplore!’s exhibits before enjoying a workshop delivered by the Xplore! team and then working round a selection of activities delivered and staffed by the wonderful Ipsen STEM ambassadors.

Ipsen’s STEM ambassador coordinator Siân Richardson commented that “it was amazing to see so many of our volunteers come together for this event. It was fantastic for our scientists, technicians, and engineers to engage with the students so passionately about what they do day to day, in a fun and exciting way. The experience was made easy by the amazing team at Xplore!, providing us the time and space for us to deliver such a wonderful experience for all the pupils”.

Xplore!’s Business Development Officer Katie Williams was delighted with the day saying that “the added value that Ipsen brought to the day was huge. Bringing a real-world connection to school children really helps to bring the work we do to life by joining the dots and showcasing, in a really fun and interactive way, how a passion for science can lead to a career path within a highly-respected and local industry employer”.

Local employers are invited to join the movement to support their local schools through this innovative new sponsored activity with Wrexham-based science centre Xplore! by contacting

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