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Xplore! Science Discovery Centre is pleased to announce a new partnership with The Racecourse Community Foundation

Both Xplore! and RCF are proud to serve the Wrexham community. Our roots in the town run deep and our work with young people and focus on health and wellbeing made the collaboration a no-brainer.

We are confident this partnership will provide new exciting opportunities for young people in the local area and bring two fantastic community driven organisations closer together.

Over the next three months the Xplore! and RCF will be collaborating on a project undertaken during our Girls Huddle Sessions. The aim of the project is to co-create a target practice board and a fully functioning catapult to launch projectiles at the targets. By the end of the sessions the initial idea will have been shaped by the girls to reflect what they think the board and launcher should look like and function.

The goal is to demonstrate to young girls the benefits and enjoyability of a career in science.

Through this exciting project we hope to engage the girls in an environment in which they feel comfortable to express themselves, while picking up new skills with friends.

Clair Griffiths, of Xplore! said, “We’re really excited to begin these sessions – it’s so important to highlight the science we use and see daily around us.

I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product the girls co-create in these sessions”.

RCF Head of Business Development, Gemma Owen said about the partnership, “Our work has always been aimed to better the lives and prospects of those who attend our sessions.”

“Working with Xplore allows us to not only improve the girls social and football skills, but their knowledge of the wider world.”

“It is no secret that there is a lack of women in STEM roles in the UK. By doing our part and working with Xplore hopefully we can show young girls that there is a place for them in this industry, if they should want it.”

In the UK as of 2019 women in the STEM workforce only made up 24% of workers. Female students in STEM subjects only make up 35% of total students.

It is time we as a community did more to encourage young women and girls who may dream of pursuing a career in STEM to take the appropriate steps to achieve those dreams.

By working with RCF, Xplore! hopes to allow young girls to experience the rewarding work done by those in STEM positions and hopefully plant the seeds of intrigue and curiosity.

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