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Xplore! Science Discovery Centre recently became a hub of exploration and discovery during our Genomics, After Dark event!

In collaboration with Genomics Partnership Wales, budding scientists and curious minds gathered for an engaging and free session that promised a deeper understanding of DNA extraction, captivating talks on genetics, and the opportunity to interact with pioneering researchers at the forefront of the field.

The event kicked off with an array of interactive and hands-on DNA workshops. Attendees, armed with curiosity, (and microscopes!) immersed themselves in the fascinating process of analysing strands of DNA.

Following the exhibition workshops, the event showcased a series of captivating talks that shed light on the multifaced world of genetics. From discussions on the role of genetics in health and disease to the impact of advancements in genetic engineering, every presentation sparked thought-provoking conversations.

For those who participated, it was more than just an evening of scientific activities; it was an invitation to be part of the ongoing journey into the mysteries of genetics, sparking a curiosity that will undoubtedly continue to flourish beyond the walls of Wrexham’s much beloved Science Centre.

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