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KS3/4 Education

Xplore! offers a wide selection of workshops, shows and challenges for all abilities and subject areas. To enquire about availability email bookings@xplorescience.co.uk or phone 01978 293400.

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Cells KS4

This workshop focuses on real life applications and contexts of cellular biology, including disease identification,

DNA finger printing, and the role of mitochondrial DNA in identifying human remains.

Skills: Problem Solving, Listening, Teamwork, Science


Crumblebots KS3

This workshop introduces learners to the concept of driverless vehicle technology.

The main activity is for learners to work in pairs to build and program a driverless vehicle using a CrumbleBot.

For longer workshops, learners program their CrumbleBot to undertake a line-follower challenge using an infra-red sensor.

Skills: Communication, Problem Solving, Teamwork, Technology


Destination Space – Satellites Workshop lower KS3

45 minute workshop on Satellites, their uses and some of the challenges in launching them.

The UK government is currently looking to build a number of Spaceports which will allow satellites to be launched, including one here in Wales.

We will look at some of the science and the applications of satellite technology.

Skills: Communication, Science, Technology

Virtual delivery option


Feed the Future – Aquaponics Challenge

Find alternative ways of growing food with this aquaponics workshop.

Learners will be challenged to build a system that uses fish and water instead of soil to grow plants that we can eat.

Learn how aquaponics can be used to reduce our environmental impact by letting us grow food all year round,

with less waste, less water and where space is limited. Could this be the future of farming?

Skills: Problem Solving, Exploration, Technology, Engineering


Explore Your Universe KS3/4

Using intriguing equipment not usually available to schools,

learners deepen their understanding of physics; magnets and fields, electrons and charge and how we observe our universe.

This workshop will inspire learners with the astounding work of UK scientists within STFC.

Skills: Exploration, Listening, Science, Technology


Forces KS3

This lively show brings the subject of forces to life through a series of volunteer-led experiments.

Investigate a range of topics including Newtons’s laws, gravity, friction and pressure.

Skills: Listening, Exploration, Science

Virtual delivery option


Funancial Times KS3/4

The numeracy skills required for a career in the financial sector are introduced in hands-on activities simulating world trading.

Which learners will create the most resources and which will earn the most money?

Skills: Communication, Problem Solving, Teamwork, Maths


Mission To Titan KS4

Learners put their numeracy and programming skills to the test

and navigate the lunar landscape of Saturn’s Titan using a robotic LEGO Mindstorms rover, scale maps and intelligent sensors.

Skills: Problem Solving, Teamwork, Technology, Maths


RAEng 11 Mile Journey

Working in small groups, learners take on the role of an engineer and design a route for a canal, similar to the 11 miles at Llangollen.

Concepts of pulley systems, use of arches and other structural concepts are introduced through hands-on activities.

Skills: Communication, Problem Solving, Teamwork, Engineering


Structures KS3/4

The structures workshop is designed to test learners problem solving skills, by challenging them to build various structures.

Learners will apply knowledge gained from multiple subject areas to complete the challenges.

Skills: Communication, Problem Solving, Teamwork, Engineering

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