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KS2 Education

Xplore offers a wide selection of Workshops, Shows and challenges for all abilities and subject areas. To enquire about availability email bookings@xplorescience.co.uk or phone 01978 293400.

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Construction Kit

Investigate shapes, construct bridges and recreate famous structures.

Use specially designed building blocks to design and create a wide range of buildings and structures.

Construct 2D and 3D shapes, test the strength of bridges and build the tallest tower in the class.

Skills: Geometry, imagination, Teamwork, Engineering



Workshop with carousel of activities to allow learners to discover more about how the body works.

They will look into answering questions; What do the internal organs do? How do we digest food?

What role does the skeleton have in humans?

Skills: Communication, Listening, Exploration, Science


Light and Sound

Find out about the mystery of light and sound!

How does light travel? How can it be changed?

Join us in playing some mad musical instruments and discover how vibrating objects produce sound.

If at your school this show requires a dark environment.

Skills: Problem Solving, Listening, Exploration, Science



Are you brave enough to sit on a seat of nails?

Explore different types of forces, what they can do and how they can help us day to day in this interactive science show!

Skills: Listening, Exploration, Science

Virtual delivery option


Bridge Builder

Using paper, straws, sticky tape and other items, construct a bridge to support a load.

Can you identify the successful elements of your bridge?

Skills: Problem Solving, Teamwork, Exploration, Engineering


Materials Magic

Discover how materials behave in different conditions.

Find out how science can be used to explain demonstrations that look like magic!

Skills: Communication, Problem Solving, Listening

Virtual delivery option


Solar Power

Harness the power of light in this exciting K’NEX challenge to design and construct a solar powered fairground ride.

Skills: Problem Solving, Teamwork, Science, Engineering


Destination Space - Exomars Workshop

45 minute activity consisting of a thirty-five minute presentation on Mars,

the search for life on Mars, and the ExoMars mission,

followed by ten minute activity investigating the pH of sand samples.

Skills: Listening, Science, Technology

Virtual delivery option


Destination Space - Satellites - Upper KS2

45 minute workshop on Satellites, their uses and some of the challenges in launching them.

The UK government is currently looking to build a number of Spaceports which will allow satellites to be launched, including one here in Wales.

We will look at some of the science and the applications of satellite technology.

Skills: Communication, Science, Technology

Virtual delivery option



Blast off on a trip across the universe aboard our inflatable planetarium,

stopping off at the Sun, the Moon, planets and stars along the way!

Skills: Listening, Communication, Science
Only available at your school


Feed the Future - Aquaponics Challenge

Find alternative ways of growing food with this aquaponics workshop.

Learners will be challenged to build a system that uses fish and water instead of soil to grow plants that we can eat.

Learn how aquaponics can be used to reduce our environmental impact by letting us grow food all year round,

with less waste, less water and where space is limited.

Could this be the future of farming?

Skills: Problem Solving, Exploration, Technology, Engineering

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