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Current Partnerships

Thanks to the following companies who are currently sponsoring Xplore!

Hafren Dyfrdwy, Principality Building Society, The Energy Check, Mega EV, DRB, The Profit Works, Toyota Engine, Kronospan.


Hafren Dyfrdwy

In 2018 Severn Trent took over the running of Dee Valley Water bringing together all the Welsh customers previously served by two companies.

It was paramount that they continued to invest into the new company’s educational strategy, helping the next generation to understand the importance that water has in our lives. It was this forward looking focus that brought Hafren Dyfrwdy to Xplore!

Its new partnership with Xplore! science discovery centre will provide Hafren Dyfrwdy with:

A 5-year brand presence in the heart of Wrexham town centre, increasing brand reach amongst their geographical target demographic

Alignment with an educational charity and access to 40,000 in-centre visitors per year

Contribution to the centre through the commissioning of two bespoke interactive exhibits

The ability to highlight key organisational messages to their audiences

Increase public perception of their brand through an association with our charity

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Principality Building Society

Principality Building Society is passionate about teaching children and young people how to both appreciate and manage money effectively.

In the past 18 months, they have helped over 10,000 pupils across Wales and the borders through their financial education and careers based activities. Partnering with Xplore! is enabling them to:

Help to increase the financial literacy of the region’s children.

Deliver a bespoke, fun and interactive ‘Savings School’ workshop to 1500 children across North Wales.

Bring maths to life, making the learning relevant to students’ everyday live in a fun and positive way

Create a Principality Savings Club in schools for afterschool delivery

Promote the launch of their existing Learner Earner digital proposition.

Read more here (PBS press release)

For more information, click here.

Dave Critcher - Head of Retail - Principlaity Building Society

“We’re proud to be supporting Xplore! in delivering a fantastic financial education programme across North Wales and the borders. A key aspect in enabling children and young adults to prosper is to ensure they are financially capable. We are committed to supporting our hard working schools in being able to do this.

"We were impressed by Xplore!’s workshops, which provide a realistic experience of the subject and were keen to join forces to deliver this programme.”

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