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Xplore! is looking for Green Fingered Potential filmmakers.

24 Jun 2021

Xplore! is looking for Green Fingered Potential filmmakers.

Xplore! Science Discovery Centre is pleased to announce a new, community-driven project that will help build participant skills, create new and interesting interactive features in Wrexham, as well as close the gap between STEM researchers and the general public.

Our project, funded by UKRI and UKFSN, will involve engaging participants and bringing them together with current researchers.  The aim is to develop participant skills in teamwork, as well as the various aspects of video production with the end goal of producing a portfolio of videos on biodiversity, sustainability, and ecology.  These videos will feature online and can be accessed through QR code links, located on a number of new planters that are being produced as part of an Xplore! biodiversity trail around Wrexham Town Centre.

We are currently seeking volunteers who could assist us with both the biodiversity trail and the QR project, as well as participants over the age of 18 who would receive tuition through a series of sessions with Xplore!, before working in teams to plan, film and edit the featured videos on a selection of topics surrounding environmental science.  Participants would also get the opportunity to meet active researchers and hear first-hand about their work in a non-intimidating setting.

If this sounds like something that would be of interest to you, or to groups / individuals you know, please don’t hesitate to contact us at:


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