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Xplore! Goes to space with the James Webb Space Telescope

8 Nov 2021

Xplore! Goes to space with the James Webb Space Telescope

Xplore! is delighted to announce that we have been successful in receiving funding from the UK Association of Science and Discovery Centres for the continuation of the Destination Space project. Destination Space three will focus on the COP26 conference in Glasgow between the 31st October and 12th November 2021, where the future of global climate efforts will be decided.

The project will also continue to focus on the plans for UK spaceports in Wales and beyond and the planned launch of the much-delayed James Webb space telescope in December this year. The planned activities will be specifically focusing on the contribution from the UK to these ongoing efforts. Staff from Xplore! will be attending training sessions over the coming weeks that will provide our science communicators with the latest ideas, innovations in science communication, knowledge of the upcoming missions and new developments in the space sector.

Xplore! as part of this project has developed a brand-new show for our public audiences focusing on the Webb space telescope and the work it will do in surveying the cosmos looking for Exoplanets and deep into the earliest periods of our universe.

Claire Evans, Senior Education officer said “It’s a fantastic opportunity to bring some cutting-edge space science to north Wales. We hope, with this project, to educate and enthuse locals into a career in the space sector.

The last three funding rounds for this project have given us access to some amazing equipment that has brough space exploration to life for thousands of local school children and this project will do the same.”

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