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Xplore! Goes to Church for the first time.

21 Sep 2021

Xplore! Goes to Church for the first time.

Xplore! Goes to Church project has it’s first event. Xplore! and St Marks Church, Caia Park have hosted the first event at Capel y Groes. The children were able to grow their appreciation for science and the Christian faith and show that science and faith can co-exist together.

Xplore! Science Discovery Centre is happy to be working with the Church engagement scheme, Scientists in Congregations, to provide children and young people with Sunday afternoon activity sessions and a holiday club to explore the relationship between faith and science.

Scientists In Congregations, run by Equipping Christian Leadership in an Age of Science (ECLAS) is a scheme aiming to show Christian leaders how they can engage with science to assist their faith, as well as inspire both children and young people to see the importance of faith and science as dimensions in their life.

This programme comes after a £400,000 grant was split between 22 churches and groups to fund an outreach programme to strengthen the relationships between the community and the people that live in it! Xplore! and St. Marks church will be working alongside each other to provide science based activities relating to faith to break the divide between faith and science.

The scheme is hoping to reach over 40 families that are linked to St. Marks and with the follow on project they hope to reach many more families in churches across North East Wales. Co-director Elaine Smith said the money will support the churches “efforts to re-invigorate their work with children after the pandemic”. Xplore! hopes to engage with new audiences and explore scientific concepts and their link with Christian faith.

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