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Xplore! and St Marks Team Up

2 Aug 2021

Xplore! and St Marks Team Up

In conjunction with St Mark’s Church, Xplore! Science Discovery Centre is undertaking a project that provides opportunities for children and young people to take part in interactive science-faith based activities, taking an engaging approach to explore scientific concepts and their link with Christian faith and teaching. 

Xplore! first started to support St Mark’s Church with input and resources to maintain engagement with children during the initial period of the Covid-19 pandemic. St Marks was excited to discover how they can use science-based activities to explain the tenants of the Christian faith to children and young people, helping them to understand how the amazing world in which they live works.

The science-faith activity sessions developed have really engaged children and families in the local community. Xplore! and St Marks would like to share this vision with other churches across the North East Wales area. 

The funding given by the ECLAS Scientists in Congregations project will ensure this project continues to move forward at St Mark’s and will also enable other churches the opportunity to adapt the activites to suit the settings and context of different congregations of all Christian denominations.

Xplore! hopes that children will enjoy learning about both science and the tenants of Christian faith as well as engaging new and uncontacted audiences with Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths

For more Information get in contact with Xplore! via projects@xplorescience.co.uk or on 01978293400. You can also find further information about the project at the ECLAS project website https://www.eclasproject.org/congregations/

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