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Xplore! and North Wales Fire Service brings All Fired up! back from one more weekend!

10 Feb 2022

Xplore! and North Wales Fire Service brings All Fired up! back from one more weekend!

We are working with the North Wales Fire service to run our All fired up Show at Xplore! this weekend.

All Fired up is an explosive live science show that's fun for all the family and a chance to experience demos not to be tried at home! Find out if we can really burn ice, why fireworks are different colours and see a tornado made of flames. Throughout the show, discover the importance of the fire triangle and how powerful, as well as beautiful, a flame can be.

North Wales Fire Service is committed to encouraging fire safety and has come up with 12 top tips to keep you and your family safe from fire. They are

  1. Install smoke alarms on each level in your home. Keep them free from dust and test them once a week. For a free Safe and Well Check and free smoke alarm installation, if required, go to the North Wales Fire and Rescue Service website.
  2. Make a fire action plan so that everyone in your home knows how to escape if there’s afire.
  3. Keep the exits from your home clear so that people can escape if there’s a fire. Make sure that everyone in your home can easily find the keys for doors and windows.
  4. Take extra care in the kitchen - accidents while cooking account for over half of fires in homes. Never leave young children alone in the kitchen.
  5. Take extra care when cooking with hot oil. Consider buying a deep-fat fryer which is controlled by a thermostat (if you don’t already have one).
  6. Never leave lit candles in rooms that nobody is in or in rooms where children are on their own. Make sure candles are in secure holders on a surface that doesn’t burn and are away from any materials that could burn.
  7. Make sure cigarettes are stubbed out properly and are disposed of carefully, and never smoke in bed.
  8. Get into the habit of closing doors at night. If you want to keep a child’s bedroom door open, close the doors to the lounge and kitchen. This may well help save their life if there is a fire.
  9. Don’t overload electrical sockets. Remember one plug for one socket.
  10. Keep matches and lighters where children can’t see or reach them.
  11. Take special care when you are tired or when you’ve been drinking.
  12. Do not leave the television or other electrical appliances on standby as this could cause a fire. Always switch them off and unplug when not in use.

So come and join us for the last chance to see our fire show and see how we experiment with fire safely.

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