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Xplore! is launching a brand new citizen science project in 2021!

22 May 2021

Xplore! is launching a brand new citizen science project in 2021!

Xplore! is excited to announce the launch of our very first citizen science project: Wild Watch!

Citizen science is an easy way for members of the public to get involved in real scientific research, allowing absolutely anybody (that means you!) to make significant contributions to some of today’s most important scientific issues.

Wild Watch is a wildlife spotting project that anyone can take part in, anywhere, at any time. The aim of Wild Watch is to encourage members of the public to take pictures of wildlife and upload it to a biodiversity database, with Xplore providing tips and how-to guides every step of the way. This information can then be used by scientists and conservation organisations to help them learn more about our local environment and decide how best to protect it.

Absolutely no prior knowledge of biology, wildlife recording, or photography is required to take part - whether you’re walking in the local park or sitting in your garden, all you need to do to is snap a picture on your phone or camera and upload it to our project page. It really is as simple as that! See our how-to infographic below for a quick and easy step-by-step guide - here

Xplore! will be teaming up with several wildlife projects and charities to deliver special Wild Watch events throughout the summer. These events will be a chance to explore some beautiful nature spots and learn more about wildlife and wildlife recording, so keep your eyes on our social media channels for Wild Watch events and updates.

The first event is taking place on 29th May at the Science Garden on the Glyndŵr University Mold Road campus, in partnership with Wrexham Glyndŵr University’s Green Community. This FREE event will include a fun and informal beginners workshop on how to record wildlife, complete with a ‘Bio Blitz’ game, as well a short talk about citizen science and biodiversity, and a make-your-own butterfly feeder craft activity. Get your FREE tickets to the event here

Until then get practicing your photography skills and start looking for wildlife in your local area! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in contact with the project organiser, Kieran Thomas, by email at kieran@xplorescience.co.uk or on Twitter at @xplorescienceUK.

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