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Why Xplore! backs Wrexham’s City of Culture bid

31 Jan 2022

Why Xplore! backs Wrexham’s City of Culture bid

The eyes of the world are on Wrexham and it’s a huge opportunity to showcase our town. It offers the chance to change people’s perceptions of Wrexham. Whilst embracing our Market Town heritage we can also show ourselves as a forward-thinking modern example for north Wales and the northwest bringing the arts, science, music, and cuisine into a vibrant town centre offer.

Xplore! Science Discovery Centre is proud to call Wrexham its home. Over the past 19 years Xplore! has, for many, sparked a local interest in science and for thousands more it has encouraged a curiosity about the world around them. Culture is ultimately about how people choose to spend their free time; those social and emotional engagements with friends and family who share a common passion. As a charity, a community space, and a learning hub, Xplore!’s shared love of learning and play is woven into the lives of so many.

Winning the City of Culture bid will bring so much to the county. Wrexham will be buzzing with life and investment will bring with it the creation of events and activities for every age and all interests. Locals will stay and enjoy what the town has to offer and visitors from further afield will bring new money into the town. As well as increased tourism the City of Culture status will bring further funding to Wrexham and bring a new energy into the town.

We ask that you join us in celebrating what Wrexham has to offer, and to put your name against a bid that could bring us so much more.

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