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Walk to Xplore!

15 Nov 2021

Walk to Xplore!

To celebrate COP26 in Glasgow and our brand-new science show Our Wonderful Earth Xplore! is offering an unusual discount.

This discount doesn’t need a code instead you can get 10% off your general admission tickets from our reception if you have walked to Xplore! All we need to see is over 2,000 steps on the day of your visit on anything that can track steps. That means your phone, smart watch or even a pedometer could get you 10% off*.

COP 26 is one of the most important meeting of world leaders in a generation and the commitments they make to lower and eliminate greenhouse gas emissions will have a huge impact for our survival on this planet as a species. With this in mind the Association of Science Discovery Centres and Natural Environmental Research Council have continued with the Operation Earth project. This project will engage, inspire, and involve children and their families with the amazing stories and science of environmental science, investigating the latest innovations, dispelling myths and exploring our world-leading environmental research.

Xplore! is getting involved with our brand-new science show Our Wonderful World which is a chance to investigate how the earth tries to regulate and control its temperature and carbon cycle. As well as our show we have lots of hands-on games that build on the show covering the impacts of climate change, ocean acidification and biodiversity.

Cerian Kassam education officer said “Operation Earth is a brilliant opportunity for Wrexham to engage with COP26 and the work that is being done by environmental science in the UK and around the world”

*The 10% discount is applied to walk in ticket purchases only and cannot be applied to tickets bought online. This discount can’t be used in conjunction with any other offers. This offer is valid until the 31.12.21

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